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Organic Uji Kyoto Matcha

Japanese organic Uji Matcha

50g £12.00

This Matcha comes from Ujiwara city, Kyoto, Japan. Ujitawara is a mountainous region, the large temperature difference between day and night slow down the growth of bud. Tea can be long keep fresh. Located in a mountainous area, the Ujitawara field has a shorter day length and a greater diurnal temperature difference than flatlands. Because of this, tea sprouts grow more slowly and the harvest time is delayed.

However, when growth is slowed down, the tea retains its taste substances longer. Also, because of the lower temperature and shorter day length, the shade created by the surrounding trees reduces the amount of catechins and increases the amount of amino acids in the tea. As a result, the tea leaves have a less bitter and astringent taste and a more refined and sweet taste.

When the taste and fragrance have been ascertained in the finishing stage, Kouroen’s original green tea is complete. Please enjoy this organically grown matcha! We consider delivery option for non-UK residents, depending on the location and conditions.

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