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Japanese Geta Mules

Japan meets western in refining its traditional Geta mules as posh and cutting-edge shoes Yet the ergonomic design allows you to wear it for a long walk

Japanese Geta Mules by Chiezo

Geta are a form of traditional Japanese footwear, similar to a sandal type design, with an elevated wooden base. Held onto the foot with a fabric thong, this allows the feet to feel free but fitted at the same time. Geta mules are customarily worn with traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono or yukata, though the current trend (in Japan and the west) shows they match well with Western clothing during the summer months. Chiezo, a geta specialist in Fukuoka, Japan, successfully transformed the Japanese footwear from the traditional shoes into the modern and styled mules. The Ergonomic designs and curves allows for “long wear”, free from stress and fatigue, benefiting those who may suffer from Hallux valgus. Since these mules are hand made by skilled Japanese artisans, there is a 2-3 week wait from order to delivery. Option of sizes we offer are SS, S, M, L, LL, You will be contacted when your order has been made. In the case of sizes being out of stock, please allow two weeks extra weeks for dispatching from Japan.  

The benefits you get from Chiezo's mules:

- Activates the internal organs

- It stimulates the pressure points between fingers, which is good for the blood circulation.

- Relieve fatigues and stress

- Relax your body

- Effective for Hallux valgus (Bunion)

There are three versions:

- Natural wooden colour base version (Total of 25 designs) 4cm or 6cm heal

- Black wooden colour base version(Total of 9 designs)

- Unisex model version (Total of 6 designs)

Size Options:

For women's model (4cm heel or 6cm heel)

SS (21-21.5cm), S (22-22.5cm), M (23-23.5cm), L (24-24.5cm), LL (25-25.5cm)

For unisex model (3cm heel)

SS (22.5cm), S (23-23.5cm), M (24-25cm), L (25.5-26cm), LL (26.5-27cm) 

                                   Photo gallery

Natural wood

Unisex model

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