La Vie Japonais

Introducing the selected items from Japan

Health food & Tea 

Japanese organic Uji Matcha

50g £11.00

This Matcha comes from Ujiwara city, Kyoto, Japan. Ujitawara is a mountainous region, the large temperature difference between day and night slow down the growth of bud. Tea can be long keep fresh.  Located in a mountainous area, the Ujitawara field has a shorter day length and a greater diurnal temperature difference than flatlands.  Because of this, tea sprouts grow more slowly and the harvest time is delayed.

However, when growth is slowed down, the tea retains its taste substances longer. Also, because of the lower temperature and shorter day length, the shade created by the surrounding trees reduces the amount of catechins and increases the amount of amino acids in the tea. As a result, the tea leaves have a less bitter and astringent taste and a more refined and sweet taste.  When the taste and fragrance have been ascertained in the finishing stage, Kouroen’s original green tea is complete.   Please enjoy this organically grown matcha!   We consider delivery option for non-UK residents, depending on the location and conditions.

Soba cha (Buckwheat Tea)

6g x 16 sachet



(Burdock Tea) 

Tea bag type 

15g x 20 bags per pack 


Premium Dried Ginger Powder

(30g/ pack) £5.80

Dried Purple Sweet Potato Powder
(60g/ pack) £5.80

This “Dattan” Soba tea is a premium “ Dattan” soba tea, which has more of Rutin (a kind of polyphenol) as compared to normal soba tea.  This is 100% produced in Japan without any pesticide.  No caffeine.  It is recommended for people who seek for health & beauty.  The tea is already package into tea bags (6g x 16 tea bags),  one tea bag can be easily brewed with hot water of 300ml by a tea pot.

The burdock has been a classic vegetable, which can be cooked or raw, also added to miso soups, rice dishes, and stir-fries.

Although it is said that it is very difficult to make a tea out of burdock, as a result of R&D by the selected farm house and roasting craftman over years, they produced this delicious tea. 

The burdock tea will be of benefits to you for your diet and anti-aging. It helps losing weight, leading to good skin condition.  The burdock is 100% produced in Kagoshima, Japan. After drinking, the grounds of tea can be used as ingredients of miso soup or stir-fry.  It is caffeine-free. 

Dried Ginger Powder delivers more condensed nourishment and effect than the raw ginger. This powder is made of Kogane Ginger(golden ginger), Japanese premium ginger.  100% natural.  No additives. You can use it for a hot or cold drinks, dressing and various baiking and cooking. It has many benefits which warm up your body and improve poor blood circulation.

This 100% natural vivid colour powder can be used for baking breads, cakes and other many healthy deserts and cooking including a baby food. Purple sweet potatoes have high contents of anthocyanin, and anthocyanins which can be epidemiologically associated with a reduced cancer. The tasty sweet flavour is well appeciated for everyone.

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms (70g)

No agricultural chemicals


Japanese Vegetable Soup Stock - 

Umami Dashi   

7g x 5 packs 


This dried Shiitake Mushrooms are produced using only Kunogi woods in Oita-prefecture in Japan, which is famous for Shiitake.  

No agiricultural chemicals are used. Dried Shiitake is rich in vitamin D, which promotes the absorption of calcium and  its adhesion to our bones. Dietary fibres are pletifully contained in Shiitake, absorbing and excreting the cholesterol and cancerogenic
substances.  The size of Shiitake in the package varies as it is a special value package. 

Umami Dashi - Japanese Vegetable Soup Stock
- 100% natural, no additives. 100% produced in Japan
- Made from 9 kinds of Japanese vegetables  (Onion, Cabbage, Carrot, Shiitake,Garlic, Celery, Burdock, Broccoli,
  Kogane Ginger, Black Ginger) plus kelp.
- Can be used as a seasoning, as packed with the nutrition from vegetable's savory taste.
- Includes matured black ginger, which has revitalising effects
- Suitable for vegetarian as well

Hydrogen Rich Water Stick



Did you know the body needs active hydrogen?

This Hydrogen is nature's best antioxidant & the only fuel the body recogises. The Hydrogen Rich Water Stick makes any water hydrogen-rich in just 15 minutes and last for 6 months making over 400 gallons of thirst quenching water, making people feel more vitality and health through hydrogen. This is the handy stick bar for bottle of water lately innovated by Japanese Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, who has been a pioneer of ionised water over 20 years. Ionisation is thought to be one of the significant keys to anti-aging as well as to effective dieting. It helps cleaning the bowel and encourages health particularly in skin and brain. In addition, sports people use it to combat fatigue.